Tonet (Toni Montana)


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Approx age 5 years, Male, Weight: Kg 19, Behaviors: Friendly, Playful, Calm

Energy: medium Children Friends: Yes Dog Friends: Yes (unless you serve them food unsupervised) Cat friends: Unknown Bark/noisy: Only if there is unknown people at the gate Housebroken: Yes Crate trained: Yes, when he wants to rest after playing or it is sleep time, he gets into his crate on its own (it is opens at all times) Leash etiquette:  Good but still work in progress Good in car: Yes, very good. He just lies down at the back seat and stays there until you arrive to your destination.

Rescue Story:

Tonet showed up following a family to a new rental house. The wife told the owner of the house that dog wasn’t theirs… that he just followed them because he had a very special relationship with his 10 year old son. We never believed that woman tale. She taught the kid to throw water at the dog so he will stop following him! He was always wondering the streets and waiting for the kid outside the house. One day, a lady from that building called an independent rescuer explaining her that the dog went into her shop, and looked sick, smelling very bad. Other dogs attacked him and was badly injured. He was taken to the vet. Had a sever infection on his mouth due another dog’s bites. So he couldn’t eat, the injure was completely rotten. He was all flesh and bones. He had a successful surgery, but then tested positive to heartworm diseases. He was taken by the independent rescuer to her house until they could find him a foster. During that time he was good with the other 3 dogs he shared patio and walks with. Moved to a foster where he lives with another dog. No issues at all.  His new foster says he is such a good boy, likes to cuddle in bed with her an the other dog. He is both playfull and calm. And above all, super loving and thankful.

Foster assessment

Tonet is a friendly, very gently and also playful dog. He loves people, and as soon as he understands you are not a threat, he will approach you looking for your attention, and always ready to be petted.

He loves playing with his ball and even try to play with the other dogs at his old foster house. When he wants to play, pick up his ball and brings it to you to show you is ready for a game. When he was taken to the shelter, he immediately got along with the dog he needed to share space with.

He did not liked his leash at first, but as soon as he understood it was part of the routine to go for a walk, he will easily allow you to put it on. He is an extremely fast learner. Same thing happened with his create. As soon as he understood that was his safe place, you don’t need to make any effort for him to get in. He just goes there and lies down with a big teddy that he used as pillow.

He was used to play with a 10 year old kid, and for sure he misses him.

He will be the perfect to live with a family, but also with a single person with or without other dogs because he is so easy going.

Being used to wonder the streets, the only thing we need to be careful with is not to feed him if there are other dogs around and leave him unattended. Otherwise he will defend his food and could start a fight if he thinks dogs want to eat his food.

He will easily adjust to his new home because learns very very fast and has so much love to give.