Available Vancouver Lower Mainland, Okanagan, Vancouver Island

Approx. age: 1 half year Male/Female: female Weight: 24 kg

Temperament: non aggressive, she loves to jump up and give kisses and doesn’t fully know her manners, loves to plaaaaay! Tanya was abandoned on a stormy, lightening weekend…She was found foaming, drooling and almost dead. She is terrified of thunders and even rain. Doesn’t fight for food but if other dog has their food she’ll put her head in too, not a biter, though she goes crazy to see the leash for her walk, she’ll sit down and let you put it on…she will try to say hello to everybody but she scares people cause she’s heavy and her muscles show Rescue comments: She doesn’t chew on shoes, or controls but sandals and corners of pillows if she’s on the bed. Tanya was abandoned on a stormy, lightening weekend…I found her foaming, drooling and almost dead on a Tuesday soooooo she is terrified of thunder and even rain.