Standard Dachshund (mix) Approx. age: 2-3 years old Female Weight: Kg 12.5

Behaviors/Temperament: Affectionate, sweet, curious Energy: Medium-Low2 Children Friends: yes Dog Friends: yes Cat friends: Unknown Resource guarding: Free feeds at the shelter, but is a hound mix Bark/noisy: Not at the shelter, but is a hound mix Housebroken: In progress Shedder: Low Crate trained: No Leash etiquette: Yes Good in car: Yes Rescue Story :Rocío had “owners” whose idea of responsible pet ownership was to leave her tied up in a hot yard on a short chain for days at a time, without shelter, food or water. After considerable pressure over many months and some opportune timing, her owners were finally persuaded to allow rescuers to remove her from their yard. Rocío has been living in a rural shelter along with about 50 other dogs, with whom she gets along well, for about a year. We estimate she is just over 2 years old. Foster assessment Rocío is a low rider and is pretty clearly half a standard dachshund (perhaps mixed with pug?), so characteristics associated with dachshunds are to be expected: loyal, cuddly, burrowing under covers, good-natured, food motivated, scent-driven. She is fearful of new situations and people initially, but this is very short-lived. It took her less than half a day in a new environment to adapt and gain confidence. Then she became affectionate and sweet, good natured, tolerant and curious. She has a hound’s nose and loves to sniff and explore the outdoors, as well as soulful hound-dog eyes. At the shelter she free-fed without showing signs of food aggression but there is a very clear pack hierarchy there. She gets along well with all manner of other dogs and has not been cat-tested.