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  • Added in February 15, 2022
  • Modified in February 15, 2022

Available Vancouver Lower Mainland, Okanagan, Vancouver Island

6 yrs approx, female, 24 kgs

Yuya is calm, likes beds and hugs, not long walks or running. A nice quiet girl looking for a great home. Someone out here to give her a chance???Background: Yuya has had a tough life. Some of her hair on her body will not grow back. She may have had mange or burns to her body and partial skin disorder? Last year she was doing better then was attacked by another dog at the rescue and required surgery to her left front shoulder. She has recovered from that. Sept 2021 she had surgery to remove excess overly tissue. She has small kidneys (genetic calcification disorder like on her skin might be on her kidneys. Small kidneys means more pee breaks for her. She is on medication and will have to stay on meds. Ipakitine and proplain and special kibble for kidneys. We can get the medication from Mexico if it is less expensive there. Ipakitine is approx. $65 p/month and Propaline is $100 for 100 days supply. Foster comments: She LOVES going for walks and sniffing pretty much everything, and she loves a good patch of grass to munch on. I tried taking her to the beach but she HATES water. She’s pretty good at having a bath though. She doesn’t like it but she’ll stand there and take it. Yuya is pretty indifferent around other animals. I think she gets along with other dogs based on what I’ve seen. When we see other dogs on the street she is pretty timid but she’ll just stand there and let them have a sniff before we walk on by. We come across children occasionally who want to give Yuya a scratch. She isn’t bothered by them in the slightest. She’ll just stand there while they give her a pat on the head. We come across kittens and cats all the time on the streets but she couldn’t care less, she barely glances at them so I think she’d be ok with a cat. I imagine she’d get jealous though. Overall, Yuya is a giant teddy bear. She pretty much just wants to cuddle all day, she LOVES her head and her belly being scratched and she likes to watch TV with me in the evenings and rest her head on me. She takes her medicine really well, doesn’t fuss at all, and has a healthy appetite. She doesn’t really like to be left alone, but what dog does… However, I’ve left her alone before while going to the shops, She’s always fine, she just has a LOT of energy when I return! She has her own bed that she sleeps in and she loves it. She was completely disinterested in the toy I bought her to chew on, but I got her some dental chew type things and she’ll happily munch away on them.