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  • Vaccines: Vacinated
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  • Added in February 15, 2022
  • Modified in February 15, 2022

Available Vancouver Lower Mainland, Okanagan, Vancouver Island

Dog Name: Coco Location: Cozumel IslandBest Mix: Super mix. Approx. age: 2 years Female Weight: 17.25 Kg

Temperament: Active, playful, friendly. Energy: high Children Friends: Yes Dog Friends: Selective, has had rivalry with other dogs specially dogs that come too strong to her). Cat friends: Unknown, but we will say NO as she has some prey instinct. Resource guarding: No. Bark/noisy: Yes, she will use her voice to talk to his humans. Housebroken: Yes. Shedder: Yes Crate trained: Good Leash etiquette: Great. Good in car: Yes. Foster assessment. Coco is a very active dog. She is smart and loves the company of her humans. Great walker and confident. Has been reactive when she sees dogs on a distance, but when they get closer and she gets corrected she goes on to friendly mode. She is little selective of her dog friends. Loves to play with the ball, and chew toys. She can be a little bit stubborn, but we feel that it’s because she needs more exercise and mental stimulation to be in her balance. Not tested for cats but loves to chase iguanas and has a strong prey instinct. Loves treats, she is gentle with small children, house broken. No dogs at home or a calmer dog would suit her best. Coco needs an active family, everyday walks, good exercise. Needs an experienced leader, and to settle into a good routine to be the balanced sweet fun girl that she can be. Coco has had a rough couple of months being isolated, first because of the rest and isolation that she needed for her leg surgery and the recovery (took around 1 month and 3 weeks) and then total rest for her heartworm treatment for 7 days. Because of her leg fracture she had to spend two weeks at a foster home away from other dogs until she improved her health and was a candidate for surgery. After the surgery she spent another 5 weeks at foster home with no contact with other dogs. Good thing is that she was fostered, living indoors where she learned to pee outside. During this time Coco lived with a savvy 3 year old girl who gave her treats and played with. Despite Coco having a lot of energy, she is sweet and gentle with little kids. One week after her full recovery from the fracture surgery, Coco underwent heartworm treatment, where she had to take full rest, meaning she was inside a kennel for 7 days and took small breaks to pee twice a day.It was obvious that she was already tired of being kenneled, she was barking and too excited. For such an active dog, it’s understandable that she was annoyed at being kenneled. After finishing the total rest, Coco was moved to another foster home with all her siblings.