Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast

In MEXICO Mix: Beagle/Dachshund Approx: 1 year Female Weight: 7kg Energy: High

Dog Friendly: Yes Cat friendly:  No

Housebroken: Working on it , Has accidents, but has only been here a week and we have 9 other dogs

Leash Walking : She is okay in a group, uncertain if alone

Shedder: No Crate trained: No Good in car: Yes Resource guarding: Still settling in

Behaviors: Loves to jump and lick your mouth, will jump for your food also

Temperament:  Nucita is a total love. She is high energy, she’s a puppy!, but is content to cuddle for hours as well. She is eager to please and a smart cookie; she would take to training easily.

Vetting (4 snap with results) Fully vetted

Tests:  SNAP test was negative for Heartworm, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasma

Dewormers:  Flea/tick preventions:  Nexgard Spectra 10/15/22

Sterilized:  Yes Dental check/cleaning:  Teeth and gums look great