Lulo – Rehome

Please read full descrption – Lab x terrier 2.5-3 years old 40lbs Approx 20in tall

Lulo’s favourite thing to do is go for walks! He is fantastic on the leash. He enjoys playing in the yard with toys and our other dog. He is house trained and his obedience level is great, when it comes to sit, shake a paw, “place” and stay. He has been through quite a bit of training. He is generally an easy keeper when he is surrounded by humans he trusts. He is muzzle trained and has to be muzzled in social settings with other humans. He does well with other dogs if introduced properly. He sleeps on a bed next to us at night without issue. Although he is also crate trained, should that be needed. Lulo has had some serious trauma in his life and has struggled with anxiety and fear aggression towards people he doesn’t know or trust. He needs a place where he can go to when he’s feeling like he needs space or a “break”. ie: quiet room, bed, crate etc He is frightened of things he isn’t used too. He is currently on an anti-anxiety med which he will have to take for the rest of his life. I do believe he would benefit from a home without children. He would love another dog in the home to play with He needs consistency and patience. He has anxiety in the car and does not enjoy going anywhere in the vehicle. He would not do well with a young social family that travels or has a busy home etc. A quieter home with a yard to play and someone that will take him for walks. Current food: Royal Canin Adult formula 2 cups per day (AM/PM) Meds: Fluoxetina 20mg 1 pill per day Nexguard tablets 15.1-30kg 1 tablet per month *must soak food and mash together* Will NOT eat otherwise Vaccines: UTD