Age: 4 MONTHS old Birth date: DECEMBER 2022 FEMALE Weight: 5 kg She will be small size, (short legs 😊) Behaviors Temperament: Energy: LOW-MID

LOVES Children Dog Friends: yes Cat friends: YES Resource guarding: NO Bark/noisy: NO Housebroken: A LITTLE SHE IS A BABY Shedder: yes Crate trained: no Leash etiquette: yes Good in car: yes

Rescue Story Linda was in a very poor and dangerous condition, we rescued her newborn along with her mother and 4 siblings, unfortunately, the babies died and she was the only survivor. The mother and she were treated sterilized and are in perfect condition in our foster home waiting for a new life.

Vetting Vaccines antirabies Multiple Vaccines Bordetella vaccine Tests: 4DMX, HEMOGRAM Dewormers: yes Flea/tick preventions: yes Heartworm preventions: yes Sterilized: yes Dental check/cleaning: yes Injuries/Xrays/surgeries: no