Joey – pending

Available for adoption Lower Mainland/Okanagan/Island/Sunshine Coast

Mexi mutt Approx. age: 2 years 8 months old Male Weight: Kg 16

Temperament: Energy: Medium2 Children Friends: Yes Dog Friends: Yes Cat friends: Unknown Resource guarding: No Bark/noisy: No Housebroken: No Shedder: not excessively Crate trained: No Leash etiquette: Yes Good in car: Unknown = Rescue Story :Joey was rescued from the streets of Campeche. He was a submissive male and was being attacked by the other males in the pack. He has permanent split marks on both ears from this experience (which make him look quite unique actually)= Foster assessment Joey has been in the City Pound for almost 2years where he lives alone in a pen He is pretty bored there. As a submissive dog, he is a little fearful of all the new situations we have put him through but he is extremely tolerant and really likes people. He gets along with all manner of human kind and is also friendly with other dogs although dominant males would not be the best fit. We think he will be fine with cats although has not been tested. Joey is now getting socialization and visits from volunteers and he looks forward to these. He learned to walk on a leash in no time, and is also learning sit and stay really quickly. He likes to be petted and brushed and loves to play. We expect Joey will be a good fit for a broad range of families as his personality is docile and easy-going. He would love an active family. ♥