Available for adoption Lower Mainland Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Mexi mutt with underbite Approx. age: 2 years old male Weight: 16 kg

Temperament: He is obsessed with cats. He likes to sit outside consultation rooms or Prep just to watch the medical team carrying cats around. Other than that he’s a cool dog, sweet and just wants to be loved, social, loves people, has never lived indoors, affectionate, good with dogs male and females, easy to socialize with new dogs male and females. Loves belly rubs and to play. Not recommended with cats. Energy: normal for his age, young not too active. Good with Children: yes Good with dogs: yes Good with cats: NO. Separation Anxiety: no Resource guarding: no Bark/noisy: no Housebroken: no Shedder: yes Crate trained: no Leash etiquette: good Good in car: ?Rescue story: he lived tied inside a patio and then as a community puppy and was on the street with Manchas (they are a younger generation of Coffe’s group).. We met him when he came in for dewormed as a pup, and then we used to shelter him and the others from Tropical Storms and Hurricanes. When the pandemic hit, we started helping with the feeding too. His guardians left Playa del Carmen. After a while, the neighbors finally relinquished him.