Cafecito – coming soon to be fostered on the Sunshine Coast

Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island.

Mix, 8 months, male, high energy/very friendly and playful 15 kg

Behaviors Temperament: FRIENDLY PLAYFULL Energy: HIGH Children Friends Dog Friends Cat friends Resource guarding Bark/noisy Housebroken Shedder Crate trained Leash etiquette Good in car (loves the car but gets a little bit car sick)

RESCUE STORY His mom, Clementine, was rescue, she was pregnant and suddenly she started to go in to labor in the car. After 2 days of intensivework 12 puppys arrived to the world!! Cafecito is one of those amazing pups. Loves long walks, sleep in bed and play with other dogs

Foster assessment: very playful, high energy, coexists with other dogs, is curious with other animals such as cats or birds, good on leash, barks sometimes at dogs when walking, need corrections to help him along, he is learning basic tricks such as stop and sit. Very affectionate and funny