Butter – In Vancouver

Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Best Mix: labrador mix. Approx. age: 8 months Male/female: Male Weight: 14 kg


Butter is the happiest dog ever. He has a lot of energy and all he wants is to play all the time. He doesn’t demonstrate signs of abuse through his behavior, he loves people but what he loves the most is playing hours and hours with dogs or cats. He is always jumping to get your attention, he loves being spoiled and enjoys affection.   Energy: high Children Friends: yes. Dog Friends: yes Cat friends: yes, he loves cats. Resource guarding: No Bark/noisy: not excessively Housebroken: No Shedder: not excessively. Crate trained: No. Leash etiquette: Yes. Good in car: yes   Rescue Story :  Butter was dumped near a busy avenue. He was covered of scabs, scratches and all of his skin was red. He was just a little baby when he was dumped in the sidewalk, he was completely scared and no one saw him for a while. It was raining when a woman found him; the lady gave him crackers and left him,m, some neighbors saw him and they were trying to “help” him out by taking him to another place far from the busy street, that’s the moment his foster family found out about him and to prevent him being dumped again out of the city, they decided to take him in. He had mange, he had blood all over his ears because he was scratching his own skin for the itching. Now he is the happiest boy alive and he is looking for a good home.  

Foster assessment: Butter is a very active dog, he is a little dorky but he is too cute to handle. As he is a puppy, he sees everything as a toy, he wants to explore, play and receive cuddles every time. Butter gets along very well with cats, he had a kitten friend that was always playing with him, so he is used to be around and he likes dogs too. Butter is friendly with everyone, he is still innocent as a puppy, he likes to jump, play, and he can be a little bit noisy to get your attention. He is very loving and I’m sure he is going to be the best companion ever.