Rex (Bo)- Urgent forever home needed

Rex is being fostered in Kelowna

Age: 1.5 years Male / Panikonda is a type of an Indian breed – Only dog home

Rex is currently going through some training and responding very well! With being an only dog home, he still needs to be able to socialize and meet other dogs. (not in off leash dog parks please) Rex learns very fast through consistent and friendly training. Rex does have some leash aggression which is being worked on and it is trainable though repetition of walking and seeing dogs daily he will understand they are not a threat to him. Inside the home he is a very well behaved boy, but he does not like other dogs in his space.

Rex is a sweet dog he just needs a good chance in life and someone that is willing to put in the time to train and work with him. He has lots of love to give. Someone that is willing to work with him on adjusting to Canada life. About : Currently Rex was a foster to adopt in Summerland but is not a good fit, so we are currently looking at a new foster home with hopes of adoption. He is very friendly, affectionate, intelligent, and playful – almost clown-like. He knows how to sit and shake a paw. His coat is tan and shiny with white markings and his hair is short, so requires almost no brushing. He would be great as an only “child” or with one other dog. His ideal home would be in a home with a fenced yard, with an active home. He is still learning to socialize when he meets other dogs on his walks. Everything so new to him but we find that he learns and adapts quickly He is super smart and super sensitive. His breed is known to smile, and we can see that in him. He is kenneled at night but if he had it his way, we would love to sleep close to or with his master. He loves, walks, cuddles, riding in a vehicle and being loved. He just soaks in the love. Everyday is an improvement as he gets comfortable in his environment and feels safer. Rescue Story: Rex was born in 2020 in India along with a brother. He was born in a house of a family staying on rent at that time because his mom Teenu was being taken care of by them. When Rex was around 1.5 months old the family had to shift out making it a difficult process for him and his mom as they were both kept in a safe environment earlier. The society people are animal haters. They had thrown away the temporary shelter built for them during the rainy season and had threatened to poison the dogs just because dogs are a “nuisance” for them. The rescuer had to start sneaking them in under the fear that they might get killed. Since then, Rex and his brother became an in-and -out dog. But unfortunately, one day Rex’s brother went missing and was never found. Since then, Rex has been under the constant care of the rescuer. Bobo was always not as street-smart as other dogs. There were instances when some roadside people (ignorant about how others should be treated) used to call (old name) Bobo and thinking he’ll get love and food used to go to them only to be hit by their shoes. Sadistic behavior. There was once this time when Rex was run over by a vehicle and got severely injured, but people were so heartless that taking him to a vet was a far-fetched idea, in fact, one of the people hit him with used plywood that had nails in it. The volunteers and all the dogs used to live in an abusive situation as it is. Rex was always confused about how to react and adapt to such situations. He has a habit of trusting people easily, maybe a reason for him to get hurt again and again. That is why it was not an option at all to leave him on streets he cannot survive as he does not have the skills to. Medical history: Rex had a fracture when a puppy but that has all healed now Personality/Behavior: playful and curious. He is very intelligent and learns commands quickly with food as his motivation. He very affectionate and loves to cuddle and play. Despite his rough start in life Rex is learning to trust more knowing that he is safe. Rex is someone who just wants to be loved and play. He can be naughty and initiate some mischief if he has a similar counterpart in another dog. He LOVES humans and so will not be a problem if the house is busy with many humans coming and out. Rex loves going on long walks and also to roam around leash free in a secured fenced yar. He likes to use a pillow while sleeping