Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island.

Cody-male 2-3 yrs 20 lbs poodle x

Cody will be here Oct 30 for adoption. He loves to be loved. Love bug. Lives with 6 dogs and loves to play. Med/high energy. Likes kisses and to sleep at your feet or his dog bed. He needs people and dogs to play with. He does settle and can be calm. Needs some training not to jump up on people.


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island.

9 months,8 kgs

Milo- male,9 months,8 kgs. Rescued and brought back to healthy pooch. High energy, loves to run, very intelligent, quick learner. Friendly with dogs/people. Although he is a bit reserved to begin with so needs time to warm up. He is living with a small dog who has helped him with play and confidence.


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island.

Female2 years21 kilos

Name :ChiquitaFemale2 years21 kilosVery friendly, super playfulGood with leash, house broken, médium/high energy.


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island.

Female 2-3 yrs. Available for adoption

Morita – approx 2-3 yrs old spayed female 11 kgs She was found with 7 pups(2 died) the other 5 adopted. Morita was then rescued to get healthy and bring to Canada. She was Ehrlichia positive and treated. Loves being patted and will nudge you when you stop. Loves going for walks. (Pulls like a sleigh dog). Her bark sounds like a large dog. Been doing great with potty training. She is food obsessed and if other animals are being fed she will try and steal their food. She is a happy friendly little one.


Male 2-3 yrs 20 lbs poodle x

Cody will be here Oct 30 for adoption. He loves to be loved. Love bug. Lives with 6 dogs and loves to play. Med/high energy. Likes kisses and to sleep at your feet or his dog bed. He needs people and dogs to play with. He does settle and can be calm. Needs some training not to jump up on people

Lita – pending adoption

Mexican Shepard Approx. age: 6 months (Born December 2021) Female Kg 10kgs

Temperament: Loving, Playful, Gentle, Willing and Smart.
Energy: puppy energy, medium when she grows up
Children Friends: Yes, loves them!
Dog Friends: Yes.
Cat friends: not tested.
Resource guarding: No
Bark/noisy: Will bark like a normal dog. Not too noisy, but not mute either.
Housebroken: On process.
Shedder: a little bit.
Crate trained: Good.
Leash etiquette: Good, pulls sometimes but gentle enough and good with correction.
Good in car: Good.

Foster assessment
It has been wonderful to foster Lita. She is a sweet, friendly and playful pup with a gentle caracter. We will miss her greatly. She gets along great with my five dogs of all sizes, but her best friend is my crazy high energy dog Chimi. They play everyday, all day, so Lita has been successfully burning all her puppy energy.
I think she wont have any problem being the only dog, as long as she is exercised and well included in the family activities. Lita is very smart, she has a little bit of Shepard in her so she will need longer walks or playing sessions and training.
Lita loves to sit, she learn it by copying from my dogs. Loves to sit for everything. Will sit for her meal and will wait for the “eat” command to go to her bowl. Will sit to get her leash on. Will sit on command if something new and scary is happening like the garbage truck passing by for the first time.
She has learned to walk without pulling. She still does it sometimes when something gets her attention, but she does it less often and with less strenght everytime. A small correction will bring her back to your side.
When she was younger she was a little bit shy and scared during the walks on busy streets, but now she is confident and will approach people and other dogs with a friendly attitude. She is great with little kids. She is gentle and will ask for their attention.
With potty training we are currently experiencing a little set back, but working on it. She is very smart, she knows she has a pee spot on the yard, and also in the park, but has had a few accidents in the house. Her new family might need to continue and keep this in mind. Lita loves chew toys! She can be entertained for hours with a good kong. She knows she should not chew anything else, but I wouldn’t leave her unattended for more than a couple of hours if she is still a young pup.


Available for adoption Lower Mainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

male, 3 years, 11 kilos,  super friendly, good with dogs, house broken, médium low energy, good with cats, very good with leash.

Niko’s only issue (if you want to call it that!) is that he has no lower jaw and his tongue is always hanging out! Which we think makes him more handsome! Poor guy got kicked on the face which broke him lower jaw.. Surgery was done, but they had to remove the lower jaw as was all infected. He eats very well but he is slightly messy.


Available for adoption Lower Mainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Approx. age: 2 years Male/female: Male Weight: 17 Kg

We get the tear to see Yogo portrayed in such a beautiful way.We combined Yogo’s good looks and the great talent of Kenia Intuitiva Fotografia to bring you this series of incredible canine photographs to delight your hearts and ask you to help us share Yogo’s story with the intention of finding him his ideal family or person.The story is relatively short but I want to make it longer… I’m inspired and want to write, so if you feel like reading: welcome to Yogo’s post.🤯 If you don’t want to read, but you think Yogo looks super handsome in the photos, please just share this post!*rolls up sleeves*It is a hot day in the town of Colonia Yucatán. June 2021. A sterilization campaign was set up with a goal of 200 free surgeries.The morning starts busy, volunteers here, responsible owners there, puppies and kittens everywhere.And that’s when Yogo enters the room. Without a human companion, he comes alone.His imposing bearing and the scars on his face caught the attention of all attendees. Who is its owner? – we ask ourselves and ask all the attendees of the campaign.We searched but no one claimed him. We noticed that he had testicles so we did what had to be done: anesthesia and bye eggs!A few hours after his recovery we released him in the hope that he would go home. But Yogo had other plans. His plan was to stay. Despite being free, he chose to stay at the campaign site greeting other puppies and people.We asked around in town if anyone recognized Yogo, if they knew who he was or where he lived, and no one knew anything.Yogo’s unmatched charisma made it impossible for us to leave him in Colonia Yucatán, where he ran all the risks of a stray dog, so we brought him to Cozumel to begin his rescue process and be put up for adoption.Since then Yogo has lived temporarily with Mariana and 4 puppies of all sizes and 2 kittens. With kittens he is not very good. It’s not bad but wanting to play with them has hurt them.At home, Yogo is a calm dog, he is sweet, he has a good temper, he does not bark at strangers, he is not hyperactive. He will take advantage of any moment to approach you to be caressed, hugged and kissed. But he is also quite independent. He likes to have his space, lie down to enjoy the breeze when he finds it.What is so special about Yogo?Well, Yogo has a passion: exercise, muscle building, running, playing with 100% energy with the beautiful body that he was born with!Every day he goes for a run next to Mariana’s bicycle (always on a leash).They also go to the baseball field to play fetch. Yogo loves his toys and with all excitement and vigor he will play until he is tired.Watching him sprint is exciting. His happiness is contagious. Many humans would like to be as fulfilled as Yogo. Yogo is a dog, Yogo plays, Yogo runs, Yogo is happy.Already tired and satisfied, he will look for a shady area to lie down and pant comfortably and calmly.Yogo is a dog with a lot of personality, very sure of himself. His owner / family / adopter must have the same or greater security than him. He is an obedient dog, but if you give him weak instructions he will not listen to you.Like any passionate being, when Yogo doesn’t exercise for several days he gets cranky, behaves roughly with his little dog brothers and can even bite something that he normally wouldn’t bite.This behavior does not make Yogo a bad dog.All dogs need some degree of physical and mental stimulation. The amount depends on each race and each individual.🐩🐩 Yogo is definitely not a poodle. Yogo is an athletic dog with a lot of muscle. He is not a dog for any person/family. 🐩🐩Do you have what it takes to adopt Yogo?-You don’t need a house with a huge garden. What you need is will and desire to go running with him. Go swimming, play ball, ride a bike or skateboard. Even playing squash on a wall in your house can be enough sometimes. Its ok if one day he cannot go out, its not the end of the world for him, but several days without is not ideal. -You need the attitude of a leader and basic knowledge of canine language to be Yogo’s best friend and guide. So that your relationship is always evolving and both live great experiences and many adventures.-You need to be an active person. Don’t be lazy to grab the leash and tell Yogo let’s go to the park! Let’s explore the city! Let’s go to the beach, let’s go to the forest, let’s go for a walk!-Preferably no children under 15 at home. Yogo can be a bit rough when he plays.-No cats!-There can be other dogs at home, as long as they are stable dogs, there is correct leadership at home and each one is given the attention they require.Yogo is sterilized, vaccinated, dewormed, he was tested for Heartworm, erlichia, lyme, anaplasma, control blood counts, monthly preventives for fleas, ticks, heartworm.. you name it ❤ Yogo is ready to find the love of his life.

Champ – pending adoption

Available for adoption Lower Mainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Approx. age: 1  year, Male, Weight: 13.50 kg

Temperament: Playful , young, very clean. Well Behaviors .
Energy: Medium- High
Children Friends: yes
Dog Friends: yes
Cat friends: Yes
Resource guarding: No
Bark/noisy: Somewhat
Housebroken: Yes
Shedder: Some
Crate trained: Yes
Leash etiquette: Yes
Good in car: Yes.

Rescue Story : He was rescued by Cebiam as he was tied to a tree all day.
Foster assessment: Champi lost living in his apartment gets along well with other dogs Looking for love and very loveable dog.


Available for adoption Lower Mainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Approx. age: 1 year 8 months (born September 7th 2020) Female Weight: 20 Kg

No kids please!

Temperament: she is very sweet with the people she trusts. Looks for physical contact with humans.  She has trouble with new sounds, people, dogs and objects. But introduced properly she overcomes the initial fear. Very smart 

Energy: médium Children Friends: no, she is ok with older kids (10+) as long as she is introduced properly  Dog Friends: yes, as long as she is introduced properly. She goes to a doggy daycare three days a week. She is selective with whom she interacts. 

Cat friends: no Resource guarding: no Bark/noisy: Medium (with new noises and strangers) Housebroken: yes Shedder: medium  Crate trained: no Leash etiquette: Yes, but she needs to trust for walking. Good in car: Yes, but she’s a little scared at first

Rescue Story : Her mother was found the day she gave birth. A rescue group called “Sanando patitas” fostered them. She was put up for adoption as soon as she started eating solids, she had mange and parasites

Training:  Loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, touch, focus, drop-it, leave-it, say Hi.


Available for adoption Lower Mainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Best Mix: mixed , Approx. age: 1 year and half, Male, Weight: Kg 16

Temperament: Bruno is a sweetheart, beautiful outside and inside. He has a stunning coat, all recover form his injuries and he loves to play, loves to swim and play in the water, and make friends. Bruno is young and strong, he enjoys rolling on the ground, playing with sticks and balls. He is really funny, and very sociable with people and dogs.
In the “Dog Paradise” day care/hotel, Bruno is very good and noble.
Energy: médium /high, Children Friends: yes, Dog Friends: yes He love to play
Cat friends: Unknown, Resource guarding: Unknown Bark/noisy: Sometimes, when alone and wants attention. Housebroken: No Shedder: yes, seasonly Crate trained: Yes
Leash etiquette: Learning, Good in car: Yes
Rescue Story : Found him abandoned in the jungle with a horrible skin problem. Locals, in attempt to help, poured burnt oil on him, making the contrition worse, and the skin to become injured, with open sores, that bled from his neck and back. He was very underweight, very weak, barely able to stand up when he was found. I took him to the vet, not even knowing he was going to make it, but fortunately he started to recover little by little, until a moth after he was good enough to move to the shelter.
Foster assessment: Bruno lives in the “Dog Paradise” day care/hotel, he has been living there for a month and a half, he is very good dog and sociable. He can cohabits with other dogs without problems. His skin has recovered completely, he is back on a normal weight, and he is happy and healthy, waiting for a loving-forever home.


Available for adoption Lower Mainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Location: Cozumel Best Mix: mixed, Approx. age: 7 months , Male, Weight: 7Kg

Temperament: Jorge is a friendly and open dog, he is very playful. He wants all the attention and is also a perfect family dog.
He likes kids and other dogs.
Energy: medium Children Friends: yes Dog Friends: yes Cat friends: Unknown

Resource guarding: No Bark/noisy: No Housebroken: Unknown Shedder: ?
Crate trained: no Leash etiquette: Yes Good in car: unknown
Rescue Story :
Her mother was rescued in Tulum, already pregnant.


Available for adoption Lower Mainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Mix: Malix Age: 14 Months Birth date: Feb 2020 Male   Weight: 18 kg / 39 lbs

Temperament: PROTECTIVE  Energy: HIGH Children Friends – OK Dog Friends OK 

Cat friends – OK Resource guarding  Bark/noisy – OK Housebroken Shedder – OK

Crate trained Leash etiquette – OK Good in car  – OK

Rescue Story He was born in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Was found by security guards in the  middle of the street. He was malnourished and skinny. We took him to our foster home and he had been growing with other 5 puppies.

Foster assessment He is very demanding and energetic, dominant with high energy. He is friendly with dogs cats and people. He barks to new people or  sounds. Just protective never aggressive.


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island.

Tostada is the sister of Guayaba.

Dog Name: Canela alias “La Tostada” Approx. age: 18 months, Female Weight: 18Kg

Energy: médium Children Friends: yes but always introduce them first so that she can get comfortable, only because she is a bit scary.  Dog Friends: Yes, she can live with a Dogs, she wags her tail as soon as she sees a dog and does bark at them but not aggressive.

Cat friends: Yes, she is curious but at first is necessary introduce them. Leash etiquette: Yes, but she need to trust for walking. Good in car: Yes, but she’s a little scared at first

Temperament: She’s medium energy, she is very playful, confident and independent dog but she must first take security and trust, she loves the contact and fills you with kisses

She walk with the leash but she need to trust first  only you have to be careful that she does not run away the first few days that she can trust is to get used to the change, she is little headstrong. She is a little shy ay first but as soon as she gains confidence she can be sweet and good Dog.

Rescue Story :

She was found with her sister in the streets of Colonia Yucatán, a small Mayan community where the team of Mi Amigo De la Calle made his ninth spay campaign. She was very skinny and hungry.


Bella is in the Lowermainland. Available for adoption. Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Experienced person needed or willing to work with trainer, Bella is nervous of new people and can lunge on leash and needs slow intros. No kids please

Bella is a sweet and spicy gal. While she takes a little bit to warm up to new people (which is definitely getting better), when she does put her trust in you it’s quite magical. She just wants to be where people are, and is happy to be wherever they are. She’s just the best companion. She’s happy to spend hours exploring, or she can lay around the house with you on those lazy days. She’s learned some new tricks since being in foster care, and she’s awesome off leash on the trails if hiking is your thing (that’s probably my favorite thing about her, so many dogs struggle with this, but she’s got it going on. She knows all her basics *sit, down, heel, come, stay), she’s learned spin, crawl, shake a paw, heel, and more. She’s good with dogs and cats, but will need some more slow introduction to children. Bella would do best in a home with another friendly and playful dog, cats are ok (bonus if they like to play), and someone who is understanding, patient, kind and a confident handler on the walks. She’s still learning the rules of the leash, but she’s improved immensely. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt this girl is getting a best friend for life.

Behaviors Temperament: she’s medium/high energy , she is a very sweet dog, loving and playful, she likes to have her belly rubs. She walk with the leash really good Energy: medium Dog Friends: yes , she can play with other dogs Cat friends: yes Resource guarding: No Bark/noisy: No Housebroken: she Is good! Shedder: not Crate trained: no Leash etiquette: Yes Good in car: really good

Story :I have found Bella near the highway and i got nervous because i thought she was a puppy (because of her size)and will be soon run over by a car. Asked around… Nobody knew her so i decided that that was going to be her last day on the street

Foster assessment: Bella lives at the moment with another dog, smaller size like a schnauzer and a cat


Available Vancouver Lower Mainland, Okanagan, Vancouver Island

Approx. age: 1 half year Male/Female: female Weight: 24 kg

Temperament: non aggressive, very intense, she jumps suddenly to kiss you, loves to plaaaaay! Tanya was abandoned on a stormy, lightening weekend…She was found foaming, drooling and almost dead. She is terrified of thunders and even rain. Doesn’t fight for food but if other dog has their food she’ll put her head in too, not a biter, though she goes crazy to see the leash for her walk, she’ll sit down and let you put it on…she will try to say hello to everybody but she scares people cause she’s heavy and her muscles show Rescue comments: She doesn’t chew on shoes, or controls but sandals and corners of pillows if she’s on the bed. Tanya was abandoned on a stormy, lightening weekend…I found her foaming, drooling and almost dead on a Tuesday soooooo she is terrified of thunder and even rain.


Available for adoption Lower Mainland/Okanagan/Island/Sunshine Coast.

8 months Black dog with white chest and boots, beautiful ears. Medium to high energy

Bella is very playful, loves to run, jump, being thrown the ball to pick her up, she loves going for a walk, but she is afraid of the horses and of cars and motorcycles that pass while she walks. She likes to play with everyone, gets along with our dogs. With cats, she is unpredictable, sometimes she ignores them, other times she barks at them. She is not protective of her food. Today, she is looking for the security and affection that can only be found at a home.

Rex (Bo)- Urgent forever home needed

Rex is being fostered in Kelowna

Age: 1.5 years Male / Panikonda is a type of an Indian breed – Only dog home

Rex is currently going through some training and responding very well! With being an only dog home, he still needs to be able to socialize and meet other dogs. (not in off leash dog parks please) Rex learns very fast through consistent and friendly training. Rex does have some leash aggression which is being worked on and it is trainable though repetition of walking and seeing dogs daily he will understand they are not a threat to him. Inside the home he is a very well behaved boy, but he does not like other dogs in his space.

Rex is a sweet dog he just needs a good chance in life and someone that is willing to put in the time to train and work with him. He has lots of love to give. Someone that is willing to work with him on adjusting to Canada life. About : Currently Rex was a foster to adopt in Summerland but is not a good fit, so we are currently looking at a new foster home with hopes of adoption. He is very friendly, affectionate, intelligent, and playful – almost clown-like. He knows how to sit and shake a paw. His coat is tan and shiny with white markings and his hair is short, so requires almost no brushing. He would be great as an only “child” or with one other dog. His ideal home would be in a home with a fenced yard, with an active home. He is still learning to socialize when he meets other dogs on his walks. Everything so new to him but we find that he learns and adapts quickly He is super smart and super sensitive. His breed is known to smile, and we can see that in him. He is kenneled at night but if he had it his way, we would love to sleep close to or with his master. He loves, walks, cuddles, riding in a vehicle and being loved. He just soaks in the love. Everyday is an improvement as he gets comfortable in his environment and feels safer. Rescue Story: Rex was born in 2020 in India along with a brother. He was born in a house of a family staying on rent at that time because his mom Teenu was being taken care of by them. When Rex was around 1.5 months old the family had to shift out making it a difficult process for him and his mom as they were both kept in a safe environment earlier. The society people are animal haters. They had thrown away the temporary shelter built for them during the rainy season and had threatened to poison the dogs just because dogs are a “nuisance” for them. The rescuer had to start sneaking them in under the fear that they might get killed. Since then, Rex and his brother became an in-and -out dog. But unfortunately, one day Rex’s brother went missing and was never found. Since then, Rex has been under the constant care of the rescuer. Bobo was always not as street-smart as other dogs. There were instances when some roadside people (ignorant about how others should be treated) used to call (old name) Bobo and thinking he’ll get love and food used to go to them only to be hit by their shoes. Sadistic behavior. There was once this time when Rex was run over by a vehicle and got severely injured, but people were so heartless that taking him to a vet was a far-fetched idea, in fact, one of the people hit him with used plywood that had nails in it. The volunteers and all the dogs used to live in an abusive situation as it is. Rex was always confused about how to react and adapt to such situations. He has a habit of trusting people easily, maybe a reason for him to get hurt again and again. That is why it was not an option at all to leave him on streets he cannot survive as he does not have the skills to. Medical history: Rex had a fracture when a puppy but that has all healed now Personality/Behavior: playful and curious. He is very intelligent and learns commands quickly with food as his motivation. He very affectionate and loves to cuddle and play. Despite his rough start in life Rex is learning to trust more knowing that he is safe. Rex is someone who just wants to be loved and play. He can be naughty and initiate some mischief if he has a similar counterpart in another dog. He LOVES humans and so will not be a problem if the house is busy with many humans coming and out. Rex loves going on long walks and also to roam around leash free in a secured fenced yar. He likes to use a pillow while sleeping


Available Vancouver Lower Mainland, Okanagan, Vancouver Island

6 yrs approx, female, 24 kgs

Yuya is calm, likes beds and hugs, not long walks or running. A nice quiet girl looking for a great home. Someone out here to give her a chance???Background: Yuya has had a tough life. Some of her hair on her body will not grow back. She may have had mange or burns to her body and partial skin disorder? Last year she was doing better then was attacked by another dog at the rescue and required surgery to her left front shoulder. She has recovered from that. Sept 2021 she had surgery to remove excess overly tissue. She has small kidneys (genetic calcification disorder like on her skin might be on her kidneys. Small kidneys means more pee breaks for her. She is on medication and will have to stay on meds. Ipakitine and proplain and special kibble for kidneys. We can get the medication from Mexico if it is less expensive there. Ipakitine is approx. $65 p/month and Propaline is $100 for 100 days supply. Foster comments: She LOVES going for walks and sniffing pretty much everything, and she loves a good patch of grass to munch on. I tried taking her to the beach but she HATES water. She’s pretty good at having a bath though. She doesn’t like it but she’ll stand there and take it. Yuya is pretty indifferent around other animals. I think she gets along with other dogs based on what I’ve seen. When we see other dogs on the street she is pretty timid but she’ll just stand there and let them have a sniff before we walk on by. We come across children occasionally who want to give Yuya a scratch. She isn’t bothered by them in the slightest. She’ll just stand there while they give her a pat on the head. We come across kittens and cats all the time on the streets but she couldn’t care less, she barely glances at them so I think she’d be ok with a cat. I imagine she’d get jealous though. Overall, Yuya is a giant teddy bear. She pretty much just wants to cuddle all day, she LOVES her head and her belly being scratched and she likes to watch TV with me in the evenings and rest her head on me. She takes her medicine really well, doesn’t fuss at all, and has a healthy appetite. She doesn’t really like to be left alone, but what dog does… However, I’ve left her alone before while going to the shops, She’s always fine, she just has a LOT of energy when I return! She has her own bed that she sleeps in and she loves it. She was completely disinterested in the toy I bought her to chew on, but I got her some dental chew type things and she’ll happily munch away on them.