Bella – being fostered on the Sunshine Coast!

Bella is in the Lowermainland. Available for adoption. Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Bella, spayed female, approx. 2 yrs old mexi mix 30 lbs. Arrived from Cancun in March 2022.

Bella is in foster on the Sunshine Coast.

Bella has made leaps and bounds and continues to impress her foster home and the people who know her. Once she knows you she is able to share her love.

She can be nervous with new people, so slow introductions are necessary for her, while she learns to trust and continue building confidence around strangers. 

Bella’s leash walking has improved immensely, but she can still get over excited when she sees other dogs,

She is fully crate trained, knows her basic obedience commands (we practise them often), has good off leash recall. She’s an awesome adventure partner, does not bark while you’re away, very good at keeping herself busy with toys/sticks, such a sweet, sensitive soul with great listening habits.

Bella isn’t so much the centre of attention at a party, more like that best friend hanging out in the corner who’s got your back no matter what. 

She’s great with the cats in foster care, she’s met and played with many dogs, but does need proper introductions.

She needs a home where there are no children.

An experienced person and someone willing to continue her on-going training and enrichment would be best suited for her.

Someone that can understand and respect her needs, while she becomes the most loyal and loving addition to the family.

Bella may be living her best life in foster, but she’s just yearning for a forever home that has nothing but love, patience, and kindness to give.


Available Vancouver Lower Mainland, Okanagan, Vancouver Island

Approx. age: 1 half year Male/Female: female Weight: 24 kg

Temperament: non aggressive, she loves to jump up and give kisses and doesn’t fully know her manners, loves to plaaaaay! Tanya was abandoned on a stormy, lightening weekend…She was found foaming, drooling and almost dead. She is terrified of thunders and even rain. Doesn’t fight for food but if other dog has their food she’ll put her head in too, not a biter, though she goes crazy to see the leash for her walk, she’ll sit down and let you put it on…she will try to say hello to everybody but she scares people cause she’s heavy and her muscles show Rescue comments: She doesn’t chew on shoes, or controls but sandals and corners of pillows if she’s on the bed. Tanya was abandoned on a stormy, lightening weekend…I found her foaming, drooling and almost dead on a Tuesday soooooo she is terrified of thunder and even rain.


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

medium-small size, weight 7.7 kilos

Very gentle with other dogs and people ahe lives in the street we rescue her babies


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island
Age: aprox3 years old Birth date:2020  Female
Weight: 18 kg
Behaviors Temperament: PROTECTIVE   Energy: Medium Children Friends: yes
Dog Friends: yes Cat friends: yes Resource guarding: yes Bark/noisy: yes Housebroken: no Shedder: yes Crate trained: no
Leash etiquette: yes  Good in car: yes
Vetting Vaccines antirabies Multiple Vaccines  Bordetella vaccine Tests: 4DMX, HEMOGRAM Dewormers: yes
Flea/tick preventions: yes Heartworm preventions: yes Sterilized: yes Dental check/cleaning: yes
Injuries/Xrays/surgeries: no
Rescue Story
She was born in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Was found in at gas station in the middle of the high way. She was pregnant malnourished and very skinny. We took her to our foster home  is very poasesive so we are working teaching limits as you can see at the videos
Foster assessment
She is  demanding and energetic, strong, dominant with high energy. She is friendly with dogs, cats and people. He barks to new people or new sounds. Just protective never aggressive but needs discipline

Nelson (Nelsi) in in Victoria

Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island
We are looking for a foster and a forever home for him. He can travel to the Mainland or Okanagan area. About 3/3.5 yrs old, neutered male, 35 lbs. 20” to shoulder. Loves his runs and walks, knows some commands, housetrained. Can live with cats if cats are used to a dog. Would prefer no young children under 10 yrs approx. He is good around people/dogs (except reacts to intact males. A lot of dogs do).


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island.
\male, 8-9 months old. 14kgs
Gentle, loves kids, housetrained, obedient. Good with cats. Loves to cuddle. Lives with 6 dogs now and likes to play.


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island
2 years old, 10 kgs, calm energy and gets attached to people


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Señorita is 5 years old, medium energy, gets along with other dogs and children, walks well


How we found the puppies.
It is common in Cozumel to find many dogs wandering the streets. Some of them are lost, others are abandoned but most of them are dogs who belong to someone who sadly leaves them to wander their neighborhood on their own, until they decide it’s time to get back home.
That was the case of three dogs that I have seen many, many times hanging around my neighborhood. But this time, a puppy was with them, crying because she couldn’t go up the sidewalk. That’s how small she was!
So, I gave the puppy to her mom, and followed them back to their “home”. I called at the door. Nothing. I continued calling several times…. Nothing…. I couldn’t leave them on the street, so I opened the gate. The place looked like a dumpster, full of trash everywhere. An army of little puppies came barking. Nine in all, plus the 3 adults. Finally, the owner showed up. I introduced myself and offered to help him with the dogs. I told him I could make an appointment at the Humane Society and take all of them to be fixed. He agreed. Sadly, three days later, when a friend and I went to pick up the dogs, the puppies were locked in a shady area. He explained to me that four of them got lost, and 2 of the ones still there had fallen in a well. Fortunately, he was able to rescue them.
After having all of them fixed (5 puppies and 3 adults), we took them to the vet. They were dewormed, vaccinated and tested. One of the adults was sick, so we left him at the vet until his treatment was finished. We implored the guy to give us the dogs. He just gave us the puppies, not the adults. But food was given to him, and we agreed on passing by at least once a month to bring them deworming pills and food.
The puppies were taken to one of the rescue homes, where they live now with 3 big dogs while they wait to get adopted. They play all day long. They only stop playing to eat or sleep.


Approx. age: 2 year, Female, Weight: Kg 16, Energy: high
The vet says she is two years old but her temperament is that of an 8-month-old puppy, she plays with everything she finds, she is very affectionate, she is not shy, she lives very well with dogs and cats, she is obedient, she likes to be around people, giving kisses, having her belly scratched, she is very intelligent and sociable, she likes to watch people from the balcony without bark and knows how to walk on a leash, she loves the street but she also knows how to lie quietly in the room if you are around, she tries to climb on the bed (we think the person who raised her allowed it) but you say no!! She understand very well that Word; she is 100% indoor and tells you when she needs to go to the bathroom.  She will follow you wherever you go.  She is not a dog that barks for anything, only when necessary; she likes to play with her tail and steal the cats’food without you noticing.  She is definitely a very smart, spontaneous and affectionate girl.
Children Friends: yes Dog Friends: yes Cat friends: yes Resource guarding: No Bark/noisy: No Housebroken: yes Shedder: not excessively Crate trained: yes Leash etiquette: Yes. Good in car: yes she likes
Rescue Story:
She arrived at the door of our house, clean, recently sterilized and with a nice collar, but her family never showed. We assume she had a home in her first months of life and for some reason they let her go after sterilizing her because she is not fearful, from her attitude we are sure that she grew up with love.
Foster assessment
Chapis lives with us from January.
She seemed shy and was afraid to enter the house but that shyness lasted 5 minutes, as soon as she entered she climbed on the sofa and fell asleep, then she was introduced to my three dogs and she had no problem living with them, she plays a lot with our Platanito 12 year old dog, the other two are female but although they are younger than Platanito they play very little but do not fight among themselves.  Everyone choose their space, they eat and drink from the same dishes and they don’t fight or bark at each other, she integrates very easily, we think she is not an alpha female.
She will adapt to any family since she can be calm lying inside the house, looking out the balcony or playing on the terrace alone, with dogs or with children.  She will definitely steal your heart because she is a dog that likes to be close to you but she doesn’t bark to get your attention, if she can’t be with you she will look for something to entertain herself to come fill you with kisses when you arrive

Jasper – In Kelowna

Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Jasper is in Kelowna

Male,3.5 yrs old approx. 25lbs non shedding poodleX. High energy
Good with other dogs. Housetrained. Needs works on leash walks for reactivity. Loves to play with a ball and his dog friend. No cats.
Needs a fenced yard. And can live with other dogs.
Has slight separation anxiety but getting better. We can give some tips.

Tonet (Toni Montana)


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Approx age 5 years, Male, Weight: Kg 19, Behaviors: Friendly, Playful, Calm

Energy: medium Children Friends: Yes Dog Friends: Yes (unless you serve them food unsupervised) Cat friends: Unknown Bark/noisy: Only if there is unknown people at the gate Housebroken: Yes Crate trained: Yes, when he wants to rest after playing or it is sleep time, he gets into his crate on its own (it is opens at all times) Leash etiquette:  Good but still work in progress Good in car: Yes, very good. He just lies down at the back seat and stays there until you arrive to your destination.

Rescue Story:

Tonet showed up following a family to a new rental house. The wife told the owner of the house that dog wasn’t theirs… that he just followed them because he had a very special relationship with his 10 year old son. We never believed that woman tale. She taught the kid to throw water at the dog so he will stop following him! He was always wondering the streets and waiting for the kid outside the house. One day, a lady from that building called an independent rescuer explaining her that the dog went into her shop, and looked sick, smelling very bad. Other dogs attacked him and was badly injured. He was taken to the vet. Had a sever infection on his mouth due another dog’s bites. So he couldn’t eat, the injure was completely rotten. He was all flesh and bones. He had a successful surgery, but then tested positive to heartworm diseases. He was taken by the independent rescuer to her house until they could find him a foster. During that time he was good with the other 3 dogs he shared patio and walks with. Moved to a foster where he lives with another dog. No issues at all.  His new foster says he is such a good boy, likes to cuddle in bed with her an the other dog. He is both playfull and calm. And above all, super loving and thankful.

Foster assessment

Tonet is a friendly, very gently and also playful dog. He loves people, and as soon as he understands you are not a threat, he will approach you looking for your attention, and always ready to be petted.

He loves playing with his ball and even try to play with the other dogs at his old foster house. When he wants to play, pick up his ball and brings it to you to show you is ready for a game. When he was taken to the shelter, he immediately got along with the dog he needed to share space with.

He did not liked his leash at first, but as soon as he understood it was part of the routine to go for a walk, he will easily allow you to put it on. He is an extremely fast learner. Same thing happened with his create. As soon as he understood that was his safe place, you don’t need to make any effort for him to get in. He just goes there and lies down with a big teddy that he used as pillow.

He was used to play with a 10 year old kid, and for sure he misses him.

He will be the perfect to live with a family, but also with a single person with or without other dogs because he is so easy going.

Being used to wonder the streets, the only thing we need to be careful with is not to feed him if there are other dogs around and leave him unattended. Otherwise he will defend his food and could start a fight if he thinks dogs want to eat his food.

He will easily adjust to his new home because learns very very fast and has so much love to give. 



Was found on the streets. Barbas had TVT and has gone thru treatment and tested negative now

Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Barbas, male 4-5 yrs. Larger dog (getting weight). Good with dogs/people. Very calm, med energy.

Was found on the streets. Barbas had TVT and has gone thru treatment and tested negative now



Available for adoption Lower Mainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Mix: MALIX Age: 2 years old Birth date: 2021 , female Weight: 17 kg Behaviors Temperament: SHY AT THE BEGINING Energy: HIGH

Children Friends: yes Dog Friends: yes Cat friends: yes Bark/noisy: yes Housebroken: no Shedder: yes Crate trained: no ⛓Leash etiquette: yes Good in car: yes Rescue Story We find her tied to a fence, in the sunlight, in the bones, very fearful and very bad of the skin. We took her to our foster home. Foster assessment She is friendly with dogs, cats and people, but has anxiety to new people or new sounds. She loves walks free in the jungle but is ok with leash


Available for adoption in Lowermainland/Okanogan/sunshine Coast/island

Spayed female,2-3 yrs old. 12 kgs. Short little legs, friendly girl.


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island.

Luneto, male, 2 yrs approx. mix breed, 16 kgs, calm boy (low/med energy) good with dogs, cats, people. Good on leash. Housetrained

This special calm little guy has a bit of a deformity! We arent sure exactly what happened, but it doesnt effect the way he goes potty at all, no dribbles or anything!

Ask us for more details!


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island.

female, 5 yrs old approx. 17 kgs

Pinky is docile and friendly. She likes to go on walks and explore her surroundings but is equally content to lay around enjoying the comforts of the indoors.

She would be a good companion for people in a calm household without too much commotion.

Background: Pinky was found a year ago tied to a palm tree in the middle of a rainstorm and was taken by her current foster. currently sharing a home with two other dogs and a one-year-old human, but not one to roughhouse.

Preciosa – fostered in Kelowna

Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Preciosa, 11 months, whipped mix , female, 15 kilos, super calm and friendly, very good with people, kids,dogs and cats.

This beautiful, sweet girl is shy at first but once she warms up she is a little love bug! She is very submissive and would love her forever home to have a sibling that would play with her. She is very curious, extremely smart and is food driven but not food aggressive. She is content in a crate when needed during the day and loves to cuddle in bed at night. She adores children and other pups. She loves to give kisses and will even smile when she’s happy and excited!




Available for adoption Lower Mainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Approx. age: 2 years Male/female: Male Weight: 17 Kg, dog friendly NO cats please!

No food or toy agression

We get the tear to see Yogo portrayed in such a beautiful way.We combined Yogo’s good looks and the great talent of Kenia Intuitiva Fotografia to bring you this series of incredible canine photographs to delight your hearts and ask you to help us share Yogo’s story with the intention of finding him his ideal family or person.The story is relatively short but I want to make it longer… I’m inspired and want to write, so if you feel like reading: welcome to Yogo’s post.🤯 If you don’t want to read, but you think Yogo looks super handsome in the photos, please just share this post!*rolls up sleeves*It is a hot day in the town of Colonia Yucatán. June 2021. A sterilization campaign was set up with a goal of 200 free surgeries.The morning starts busy, volunteers here, responsible owners there, puppies and kittens everywhere.And that’s when Yogo enters the room. Without a human companion, he comes alone.His imposing bearing and the scars on his face caught the attention of all attendees. Who is its owner? – we ask ourselves and ask all the attendees of the campaign.We searched but no one claimed him. We noticed that he had testicles so we did what had to be done: anesthesia and bye eggs!A few hours after his recovery we released him in the hope that he would go home. But Yogo had other plans. His plan was to stay. Despite being free, he chose to stay at the campaign site greeting other puppies and people.We asked around in town if anyone recognized Yogo, if they knew who he was or where he lived, and no one knew anything.Yogo’s unmatched charisma made it impossible for us to leave him in Colonia Yucatán, where he ran all the risks of a stray dog, so we brought him to Cozumel to begin his rescue process and be put up for adoption.Since then Yogo has lived temporarily with Mariana and 4 puppies of all sizes and 2 kittens. With kittens he is not very good. It’s not bad but wanting to play with them has hurt them.At home, Yogo is a calm dog, he is sweet, he has a good temper, he does not bark at strangers, he is not hyperactive. He will take advantage of any moment to approach you to be caressed, hugged and kissed. But he is also quite independent. He likes to have his space, lie down to enjoy the breeze when he finds it.What is so special about Yogo?Well, Yogo has a passion: exercise, muscle building, running, playing with 100% energy with the beautiful body that he was born with!Every day he goes for a run next to Mariana’s bicycle (always on a leash).They also go to the baseball field to play fetch. Yogo loves his toys and with all excitement and vigor he will play until he is tired.Watching him sprint is exciting. His happiness is contagious. Many humans would like to be as fulfilled as Yogo. Yogo is a dog, Yogo plays, Yogo runs, Yogo is happy.Already tired and satisfied, he will look for a shady area to lie down and pant comfortably and calmly.Yogo is a dog with a lot of personality, very sure of himself. His owner / family / adopter must have the same or greater security than him. He is an obedient dog, but if you give him weak instructions he will not listen to you.Like any passionate being, when Yogo doesn’t exercise for several days he gets cranky, behaves roughly with his little dog brothers and can even bite something that he normally wouldn’t bite.This behavior does not make Yogo a bad dog.All dogs need some degree of physical and mental stimulation. The amount depends on each race and each individual.🐩🐩 Yogo is definitely not a poodle. Yogo is an athletic dog with a lot of muscle. He is not a dog for any person/family. 🐩🐩Do you have what it takes to adopt Yogo?-You don’t need a house with a huge garden. What you need is will and desire to go running with him. Go swimming, play ball, ride a bike or skateboard. Even playing squash on a wall in your house can be enough sometimes. Its ok if one day he cannot go out, its not the end of the world for him, but several days without is not ideal. -You need the attitude of a leader and basic knowledge of canine language to be Yogo’s best friend and guide. So that your relationship is always evolving and both live great experiences and many adventures.-You need to be an active person. Don’t be lazy to grab the leash and tell Yogo let’s go to the park! Let’s explore the city! Let’s go to the beach, let’s go to the forest, let’s go for a walk!-Preferably no children under 15 at home. Yogo can be a bit rough when he plays.-No cats!-There can be other dogs at home, as long as they are stable dogs, there is correct leadership at home and each one is given the attention they require.Yogo is sterilized, vaccinated, dewormed, he was tested for Heartworm, erlichia, lyme, anaplasma, control blood counts, monthly preventives for fleas, ticks, heartworm.. you name it ❤ Yogo is ready to find the love of his life.


Available for adoption Okanagan/Lowermainland

15 kilos, medium-high energy , female. Loves children and other dogs, good in the car


Available for adoption Okanagan/Lowermainland

weighs 14 kg, medium-low energy 1 year old, female
good with with dogs and children good in the car (brown dog)

Lulo – Rehome

Please read full descrption – Lab x terrier 2.5-3 years old 40lbs Approx 20in tall

Lulo’s favourite thing to do is go for walks! He is fantastic on the leash. He enjoys playing in the yard with toys and our other dog. He is house trained and his obedience level is great, when it comes to sit, shake a paw, “place” and stay. He has been through quite a bit of training. He is generally an easy keeper when he is surrounded by humans he trusts. He is muzzle trained and has to be muzzled in social settings with other humans. He does well with other dogs if introduced properly. He sleeps on a bed next to us at night without issue. Although he is also crate trained, should that be needed. Lulo has had some serious trauma in his life and has struggled with anxiety and fear aggression towards people he doesn’t know or trust. He needs a place where he can go to when he’s feeling like he needs space or a “break”. ie: quiet room, bed, crate etc He is frightened of things he isn’t used too. He is currently on an anti-anxiety med which he will have to take for the rest of his life. I do believe he would benefit from a home without children. He would love another dog in the home to play with He needs consistency and patience. He has anxiety in the car and does not enjoy going anywhere in the vehicle. He would not do well with a young social family that travels or has a busy home etc. A quieter home with a yard to play and someone that will take him for walks. Current food: Royal Canin Adult formula 2 cups per day (AM/PM) Meds: Fluoxetina 20mg 1 pill per day Nexguard tablets 15.1-30kg 1 tablet per month *must soak food and mash together* Will NOT eat otherwise Vaccines: UTD


Available for adoption Lowermainland/ Okanagan/ SunshineCoast/ Island

3 years, FEMALE (picture below, incorrect sex), 37 lbs, friendly/playful, high energy

Clemetine is the momma of Dots and Cafecito!


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island.

5 months old, Male, 19 lbs , Friendly / Smart , Medium energy


Available for adoption Lower Mainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Mix: Malix Age: 14 Months Birth date: Feb 2020 Male   Weight: 18 kg / 39 lbs

Temperament: PROTECTIVE  Energy: HIGH Children Friends – OK Dog Friends OK 

Cat friends – OK Resource guarding  Bark/noisy – OK Housebroken Shedder – OK

Crate trained Leash etiquette – OK Good in car  – OK

Rescue Story He was born in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Was found by security guards in the  middle of the street. He was malnourished and skinny. We took him to our foster home and he had been growing with other 5 puppies.

Foster assessment He is very demanding and energetic, dominant with high energy. He is friendly with dogs cats and people. He barks to new people or  sounds. Just protective never aggressive. He needs some corrections while on leash to remember his manners with male dogs.