Available for adoption Lower Mainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Approx. age: 1 year 8 months (born September 7th 2020) Female Weight: 20 Kg

No kids please!

Temperament: she is very sweet with the people she trusts. Looks for physical contact with humans.  She has trouble with new sounds, people, dogs and objects. But introduced properly she overcomes the initial fear. Very smart 

Energy: médium Children Friends: no, she is ok with older kids (10+) as long as she is introduced properly  Dog Friends: yes, as long as she is introduced properly. She goes to a doggy daycare three days a week. She is selective with whom she interacts. 

Cat friends: no Resource guarding: no Bark/noisy: Medium (with new noises and strangers) Housebroken: yes Shedder: medium  Crate trained: no Leash etiquette: Yes, but she needs to trust for walking. Good in car: Yes, but she’s a little scared at first

Rescue Story : Her mother was found the day she gave birth. A rescue group called “Sanando patitas” fostered them. She was put up for adoption as soon as she started eating solids, she had mange and parasites

Training:  Loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, touch, focus, drop-it, leave-it, say Hi.